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What would you do if you were next? - The Next Girl by Emiko Jean Review

A special thanks to Penguin General UK and NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of this book to review.

I really enjoyed this book - the storytelling alone was great, but coupled with the perspective switches? Chefs kiss. Truly immersive reading experience. This was a 2 day read for me only breaking to work and sleep.

I loved the FMC Chelsey and her backstory – such a strong character from the get-go.

The plot twists in this story, I didn’t see coming. Even when I thought I was clued up enough to know where it was going, I was still sorely, way off.

This is only not a 5-star read for me as I felt there were still some loose ends not cleared up. BUT this is still such a great read nonetheless.

Definitely recommend and will be checking out more of Emiko's work!



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