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Rest and Reset - A Catch Up

I feel that every time I write a post, I'm always starting off with 'It's been so long' or 'Sorry I've been MIA' and for that, I apologise.

The last few months have been a little wild and draining if I'm honest. I've had 2 surgeries, 3 minor procedures and a lot of health scares this year, amongst a lot of family issues this year, But I guess that's 2023 in a nutshell for me.

I did spend a lot of time thinking, reading and sleeping and sadly, didn't have the energy to post the reviews I wrote or even blog. It's a little sad if I'm honest, because I did read a lot of amazing books, and caught up on some fantastic k-dramas that I want to tell you all about.

The anxious part of my brain is saying 'Are we too late to gush about this with everyone?' 'Are all the Instagram photos you took sitting in a folder on your phone, just going to live there?' Probably, but I will make my way through this backlog for you to have some content to read.

If you've been following our site since it's conception you'll notice it looks a little different. We recently moved - as in last night, we finally transferred everything bar one page over which I'll be sorting shortly.

We hope this new platform allows a bit more interaction with our readers, and we will be utilising the members and forums section soon once we have brainstormed a few ideas for a book club and other fun stuff to do with you guys.

Make sure you check out some of our previous posts and sign up to email notifications of new posts when they are ready!

Slightly off topic before I sign off, I am one book away from my extended reading goal for 2023! We started off at 50 books for the year goal and extended it through to 75. We may make 100, we may not, but nonetheless I'm proud of myself a look to continue this energy into the new year.

I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween Evening and a wonderful rest of the week! I will be posting some ARC reviews I did throughout the year soon.

Love, Eliza


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01. Nov. 2023

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