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What is love? - Philosophy of Love by Rebecca Ryan Review

A special thanks to Simon and Schuster UK and NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of this book to review.

I genuinely really enjoyed reading this book.

It had it all for me - conversations about philosophy, slow burn romance, funny characters and great character development in the most meaningful ways.

I loved the FMC in a ‘that’s basically me down to a T including the questionable past romances’ and adored the MMC.

Also can I just say, the side characters felt well placed and included for plot progression and not just there ‘just because’. #WeStanJoanie #WeStanGabby

The only reason this isn’t a solid 5 star (I gave it 4.95/5) emotionally for me is because I’m greedy and really wanted another chapter or 2 towards the ending BUT its it a really wonderful read and definitely recommend picking this up when it is released.

This book hit the shelves on the 1st February 2024! So add it to your baskets, wish list, and add it to your TBRs.



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