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Love on the Brain By Ali Hazelwood Review

Summary Bee Königswasser lives by a simple code: What would Marie Curie do? If NASA offered her the lead on a neuroengineering project - a literal dream come true - Marie would accept without hesitation. Duh. But the mother of modern physics never had to co-lead with Levi Ward. Sure, Levi is attractive in a tall, dark, and piercing-eyes kind of way. But Levi made his feelings toward Bee very clear in grad school - archenemies work best employed in their own galaxies far, far away.

But when her equipment starts to go missing and the staff ignore her, Bee could swear she sees Levi softening into an ally, backing her plays, seconding her ideas... devouring her with those eyes. The possibilities have all her neurons firing.

But when it comes time to actually make a move and put her heart on the line, there's only one question that matters: What will Bee Königswasser do?

Cover Another great cover by lilithsaur - I love the choice of colouring they have used, very very cute

Favourite Quotes ‘Trusting people to stick around is a bad idea’ ‘…They’d have to tie me like a spit-roasted pig to send me out there’




I spent a few days after finishing this book really sorting through my thoughts and feelings about it.

In short. Did I enjoy it? To an extent, yes. Would I read it again? Probably not. Would I recommend? Eh, not really.

For the most part I battled with wanting to like the main character and her quirkiness but also found her increasingly annoying(?). I should add, a lot of the traits she has, including having a one track mind on assuming what people think and feel about them, are things I do myself. I did feel mildlyyyyy called out but that’s beside the point.

A lot of plot devices felt added for no reason. The side characters I wanted to love - I do love a self classified weirdo as much as the next person, but they did lose me quite frequently and felt unnecessary.

The ending felt slapped on aside from the slight hint a few chapters in, but all in all left me with an overall meh feeling.

And lastly the smut. It was a lil uncomfy and not very memorable - aside from the MC telling you endlessly about it.



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