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An Epic Fantasy Journey - Shadows of the Dark Realm by Tyler Edwards Review

4.5 Stars (rounded up to a 5)

Thank you so much Tyler for providing me a free copy of this ARC for an honest review.

I am very very picky when it comes to fantasy books. I have to feel the magic in the pages. I have to love the characters. And can I just say, this book didn’t disappoint me.

The magic system was fun and intuitive. The worldbuilding was immaculate. The attention to detail in describing hierarchical structure between realms, regions and even within different species was great. Oh and the made up swear words did have me chuckling on the train all the time (and trying to work out what they could mean was entertaining).

Although we had 5 main characters to follow, there was a plethora of side characters we met and adored along the way. Their inclusion felt important to help plot progression and not just put there to fluff out story.

The literal journey the characters took was immense, but so was the personal journeys they went through too was great to see and really gets you invested in the characters.

The pacing for 95% of the book was perfect and the twists came at the right moments for me to really appreciate the shock in their inclusion.

The only reason this wasn’t a full 5 stars emotionally is because, I’m greedy and wanted to stay in the world longer.

I definitely suggest you check this book out. It was such a fun read and deserves a lot of attention.

Thank you again Tyler <3 I’ll definitely be reading more of your catalogue!

P.S. I love so many characters from this book, but there we 3 I didn’t like. I felt such heated emotions about them XD I wont say any names but I had to remind myself so many times a character can’t hear me telling them to STFU through the pages no matter how much I try

To see more about the author check out their socials!

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