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A Slightly Late Happy New Year

Hello Everyone!

I know I'm a little late for a New Year's recap and a look into what 2022 has to offer for me, but it's better late than never I guess.

2021 for me was a whirlwind. I started my streaming journey in the tail e

nd of 2020 and I was pushing forward on building my community with my friends and setting the foundation for my brand throughout 2021. We had some very big highs, but we also had some really low moments. I am grateful to all I have experienced over the last year, the people I've met (including the amazing GirlGeek - when you read this, please don't call me out my sappiness, you've literally changed my life lady), and the memories I've made.

When I think of 2022, I know I'm going to have to take a real look at what makes me happy - What do I enjoy? What can I feasibly do? What will benefit me, in a healthy way, in the

long run? So below is a short list of things I want to achieve this year - I'm not going to make them too specific because I find that intimidates me into completing anything.

Life Things

  • Clean room more often

  • Declutter clothing and other worldly possessions. For someone who wear the same few outfits, and uses the same few items on a frequent bases, I have obtained vast amounts of things and I feel like I'm going to have to be stricter with myself.

  • Get some more room plants. I have a really bad habit of forgetting to water my plants, like a really bad habit. I’m working on an indoor garden in my room and set constant reminders on my phone to remember to keep them alive. I do firmly believe that the plant that died, was going to anyway, whether I watered it or not.

  • Remember to water said room plants

  • Be better with money. There is a common thread with some of my goals regarding spending money, or more aptly spending less money. I've explored this point a lot more previously on my old blog but I'm very head strong on getting this done. Whether this is saving some money, paying off some debt, or curbing my spending, somethings gotta change. I guess the only way to be held accountable is to tell people that this is your aim.

Keeping Organised

  • Organise stationary and notebooks

  • Reduce buying of said stationary and notebooks

  • Keep desk and floor clear of crap. I get really lazy sometimes, and I tend to just dump things in these places. Which unfortunately reallllly doesn't help with my motivation - as someone who works from home and streams a lot in my room, it gets really claustrophobic in here at times and makes me feel a lil grim.

  • Complete my backlog of knitting projects. Part of being stuck at home during this pandemic and streaming has caused me to have a CHUNKY backlog of knitting requests for friends and family. I need to work in time to finish these and send them off.

Fun things and Stream things

  • Be more consistent with my streaming schedule

  • Finish playing my backlog of bought and half done games

  • Get another tattoo

  • Go on a trip. This doesn’t even have to be abroad, I just want to get out for a small break or two to keep me sane. I’ve been told I don’t take enough time for myself, so this is my attempt at trying to be selfish with my time.

  • Read More. I just started the BookLeaf Publishing Readathon Challenge to read for an hour a day for 21 days and I'm excited. I look forward to doing a run down of the books I have read throughout (although in true Eliza fashion, I started 2 days late ...) GirlGeek is also participating in the US version too so maybe we will discuss on the podcast soon!

It’s not a difficult list, nor is it an easy one. I had a very similar list in 2019 but seeing as they have made it into the ranks for 2022, we can all safely assume, it never happened. I’m going to end this post here as I feel like it is long enough without me rambling on. I hope everyone has an amazing new year and accomplishes things they never thought they could.



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