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NaNoWriMo Week 1 Update

Hi Friends!

I'm a little late with this blog post, but I've been busy with baby, writing and streaming!

So far, I'm actually doing pretty well. Here is a snapshot of all of our days so far from the first until today:

I've been behind most days, but I've had some really productive days where I've written a lot more than 1600 words. On Tuesday, I caught up all the way, but of course Rory got a cold, so she was especially needy yesterday. I was happy to get anything down in Scrivener. Today, my goal is to get back on track and get up to 15000, but I'm really proud that I've even reached 25% of the way there!

I know I talked about sharing passages. Here's a little snippet that I liked from my opening scene:

Holy shit I was kissing Asher Hanson. No… Asher Hanson was kissing me. The Asher who had literally refused to answer one question, even his favorite breakfast food; the Asher who had literally dodged every picture, every video I’d shot that year unless he was on the ice; the Asher who had ignored me every time I’d been around the team - and had made fun of me every time he thought I couldn’t hear. Yes. That Asher Hanson. He stepped us back until he was pressing me against the wall, his arms caging me there. There was no escape if I wanted one. But I didn’t want one. Enjoying this felt sinful. I hated him so much I shouldn’t want more. I bit his lip hard, and his head jerked back. An annoyed noise came from the back of his throat. I just smiled innocently.

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me! I'm excited to see what we have at the end of the month. It's likely this novel will be longer than 50k words, and I'm thinking about publishing it on WattPad <3. See you all next week!



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