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A Catch Up

So, I've been a little AWOL as of late but I've been doing a little bit of life admin and thinking about what I want to do with myself.

Over the last few months, I've been really interested in the practice of a Green Witch and Herbalism. The understanding of nature around you and the use of nature as part of a lifestyle. I have done a lot of reading over the last few months - my brain is creaking at the weight of the new information.

With this, I decided to pick up a foundation course in herbalism to better understand herbs, plants, anatomy and good uses for them. I'm looking forward to it - its nicely spread out over the year allowing me to work and craft in my spare time.

I've been taking time to grow and 'successfully' care for the plants that now live in my room and in the garden. Something I've been tasking myself with for years now but have only just realised how to do it without killing everything within a mile radius of myself. We have two Pothos named LV and Sal, a Snake plant named Gerald, a plant I forget its actual name, but we call it Atom, and a series of succulents just vibing and thriving.

We've also been tapping into our craftier side. Learning how to make Macramé plant hangers, knitting more and learning how to dry flowers - I will confess, I did wrinkle some pages in my books by 'attempting' to press larger flower, but it gives it character and I'm not fussed as it's still very much readable. Researching ways to make bath salt combinations, creams and soaps; watching hours of videos and taking copious notes - I've pretty much been in intense planning mode.

Essentially were on that self care and improvement train. I'm not overwhelming myself with too many tasks but taking it one day at a time. My health has been a rollercoaster as of late and I didn't want to produce anything less than good for the site.

If you didn't see, the wonderful Girlgeek has been posting her crafts on the craft section of the site and she is just incredible at what she does.

I think I'll round off this post here just so I'm not rambling too much. I will be posting some of my recent crafts and will be posting some herb and flower info pages soon on my learning journey.

It's been a pleasure catching up and we shall speak soon!



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